Fresh! – 1/3/19

  • Normalising and cultivating masculine gender roles through TV and its impact:

Cultivating conceptions of masculinity: Overall television use, genre viewing, and perceptions of norms regarding masculine gender roles; Erica Scharrer and Greg Blackburn

  • Current situation of gender balance in process chemistry and ways to achieve greater diversity the broader synthetic organic chemistry community:

Gender Diversity in Process Chemistry; Rebecca T. Ruck and Margaret M. Faul

  • Neglecting female subjects in basic research may also be reflected in a similar attitude toward female scientists:

Sex and gender bias in the experimental neurosciences: the case of the maternal immune activation model; Pierluca Coiro and Daniela D. Pollak

  • Even though women make half of the researchers in Chemistry in Brazil, their representation decreases as their career advances:

A brief overview on Brazilian women in chemistry; Natacha Carvalho Ferreira Santos, Marilia Valli, Vanderlan da Silva Bolzani

  • Senior men dominate the Society of Interventional Radiology (SIR) Annual Scientific Meeting, despite equal academic productivity of female and male faculty:

Untapped Resources: Attaining Equitable Representation for Women in IR; Marcelina G. Perez, Magali Fassiotto, Jonathan Altamirano, Gloria L. Hwang, Yvonne Maldonado, Shellie Josephs, Daniel Y. Sze, Nishita Kothary

  • A data-driven approach to gender differences in STEM reveals the reasons why women want to study engineering,and gender differences in entrepreneurial activities:

Gender Differences in Science and Engineering: A Data Mining Approach; Shivangi Chopra, Melicaalsadat Mirsafian, Abeer Khan, Lukasz Golab

  • How an institutional sponsorship program could be an effective guide to individuals aspiring to address diversity and inclusion in STEMM in academia:

A sponsorship action plan for increasing diversity in STEMM; Wilhelmina M. Huston, Charles G. Cranfield, Shari L. Forbes, Andy Leigh

  • How parenting affects careers in STEM for both women and men:

The changing career trajectories of new parents in STEM; Erin A. Cech and Mary Blair-Loy

  • Exposure programs, such as summer camps, can be highly beneficial for increasing the diversity and number of students pursuing education and careers in STEM fields:

Benefits of Exposing K-12 Students to Computer Science through Summer Camp
Programs; Jeffrey Miller, Saty Raghavachary, Andrew Goodney



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