Fresh! – 15/2/19

  • Less favourable assessments of women as principal investigators, and not the quality of their proposed research, lead to gender gaps in grant funding:

Are gender gaps due to evaluations of the applicant or the science? A natural experiment at a national funding agency; Holly O Witteman, MichaelHendricks, Prof Sharon Straus, Prof Cara Tannenbaum

  • Data-driven interventions aiming to improve the number of female health leaders and health outcomes for women and children worldwide:

Female global health leadership: data-driven approaches to close the gender gap; Jyoti S Mathad, Lindsey K Reif, Grace Seo, Kathleen F Walsh, Margaret L McNairy, Myung Hee Lee, Adolfine Hokororo, Aarti Kinikar, Claudia T Riche, Marie M Deschamps, Sandy Nerette, Smita Nimkar, Neema Kayange, Hyasinta Jaka, Glory Joseph, Domenica Morona, Thandiwe Yvonne Peter, Nishi Suryavanshi, Daniel W Fitzgerald, Jennifer A Downs

  • Approaches that have successfully identified and removed systemic bias and barriers in science and medicine, and proposed tools for achieving gender equality:

Organisational best practices towards gender equality in science and medicine; Prof Imogen R Coe, Ryan Wiley, Prof Linda-Gail Bekker

  • The impact of the Mentoring Program in health research in Cameroon:

The Mentor–Protégé Program in health research in Cameroon; Pierrette Essama Mekongo, Sylvie Kwedi Nolna, Marceline Djuidje Ngounoue, Judith Torimiro Ndongo, Mireille Ndje Ndje, Celine Nkenfou Nguefeu, Julienne Nguefack, Evelyn Mah, Amani Adjidja, Barbara Atogho Tiedeu, Marielle Paty Ngassa, Veronique Penlap Beng, Rose Gana Fomban Leke

  • Positive effects of activities on the persistence of STEM students:

Large‐scale student programs increase persistence in STEM fields in a public university setting; Laura H. Ikuma, Adrienne Steele, Summer Dann, Oluwakemi Adio, Warren N. Waggenspack Jr.

  • Could science-based hobbies motivate interest of underrepresented groups in science:

Female and minority experiences in an astronomy-based science hobby; 
Rebecca Hite, M. Gail Jones, Tom Andre, Gina Childers, Elysa Corin

  • Limited impact of Athena SWAN on gender balance improvement:

Athena SWAN in Higher Education Sector – a Built Environment Perspective; Subashini Suresh, Abdul-Rashid Abdul-Aziz, Suresh Renukappa, Paul Hampton

  • Gender discrimination in pay and promotion among health professionals:

Gender inequalities in medical careers: findings from five hospitals in the Lombardy Region; Camilla Gaiaschi

  • A mathematical model of the progression of people through professional
    hierarchies, which reveals reasons for the underrepresentation of women:

Mathematical model of gender bias and homophily in professional
hierarchies; Sara M. Clifton, Kaitlin Hill, Avinash J. Karamchandani, Eric A. Autry, Patrick McMahon, Grace Sun

  • How understanding the science behind why inclusion is important can be beneficial to the success of businesses:

Inclusion: how an understanding of neuroscience enhances your gender initiatives; Jan Hills


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