Thanks for joining #spreadtheword_project!

This project was born in an effort to spread the knowledge and raise awareness on Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) in STEM, and to cover the need for evidence-based initiatives and research aiming to improve the current situation.

Here, you can find a platform which gathers research, articles and initiatives on a variety of topics related to EDI in STEM, suggestions and reviews of related books and events, and other interesting and fun stuff for all the people who support, work towards and are interested in EDI in STEM. For example, the category “Latest Research” (“Fresh!”) provides you with titles, short descriptions and links to the latest research articles; the “Women in STEM Book Club” category includes the club’s review of the book discussed each month.

#spreadtheword_project is the child of my great passion for EDI and a dream of making the world a better place for all, as well as of my constant and thorough research and my experiences on the related subjects.

I hope that you find this project useful, informative and fun, and that you want to be part of the equation!


Athina Frantzana

P.S. This is an entirely non-funded and non-profit initiative, with only motivation to spread knowledge and raise awareness.


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